Fall into love:

I am focusing here on pure literary facts from the transliteration of Sumerian texts. I'm not interested in the mobilization of the gods why and what for, but the mere fact of what triggered it all. So to the point:

Tiamat example:

One of the first relationships of love / fall / death to dig into celestial beings is between Tiamat and Absu and the battle in the heavens that followed and the fall of the angels. Apsu and Tiamat had a love relationship. Their common peace is disturbed by their own children (An.Shar, Ki.Shar, Lahmu, Lahamu, Nudimud, Anu etc.)

Nudimud kills Absu and appropriates his title, taking his artifacts from him, while Tiamat in the form of despair, anger and revenge builds his army of monsters and declares war against his sons. (only from then on is called chaos) - before that, she was apparently too lazy to have the strength and power for such a great title as she was added (quite wrongly). She chose a leader for herself, of course with the one with whom she sleept, because she makes her lover a leader of the hordes so-called monsters. Marduk kills Tiamat and Kingu, establishes a new order of things. (in short, if you want to know more about this "enuma elish", I recommend it, there are a few of these versions and I advise you to read a few for comparison)

Enki example:

Enki the co-creator of man. Along with the other gods they created the human slave race which was destined to work to relieve the Anunaki of this obligation. One god was sacrificed to make man. So the human race was born and was beautiful, so the Anunaki began sleeping with people and starting families. Enki himself had children from a earth-maiden who was his wife. (the earth-maiden is also a comparison to the later Gaia/Tiamat. Nudimud is an earlier incarnation of Enki. It is possible that Nudimud killed Absu out of jealousy of Tiamat). Anu his father who was in the heavens gave the order one day that all the Anunaki should return to their posts because he considered them unworthy, the entire present system and the relationship between man and the Anunaki. Anu also had relations with the earth-maiden but he always treated it as entertainment. Also it is not sex itself that is the motive of the fall but selling itself to the earthly (family, love). That part of the Anunnaki that remains on the earth and has not returned was destroyed (by the great flood). Anu killed his own son who chose love and family for the earth-maiden. Enki was not one of the Anunnaki gods, there were many of them who preferred to stay on earth. Enki's spirit resides on earth, and he is every idol worshiped on earth since then, and the human race is utterly subordinate to him. Divine fall and angels.

Human example:

Id had determined that another was to be made in its liknes

They termined in heaven:

"Let us also fashion females

By which the man will fall in love with"

And the lesser gods delighted in this decision,

For they feared the rise to power of this new god.

"We are the Powers in this Age.

We are the Rulers in this Age.

Let the Children of Light serve us.

Let the Children of Light be slaves for this entire Age"

- taken from the "Secrets of Seth, Son of Adapa", Tablet G - Book of Generation for missing fragments

Jesus Christ example:

Jesus and his secret love for whore Magdalena. And I know there may be a lot of questions about it, but isn't it strange for the fact that he just insisted on this whore and kept her with him until the end? If we feel nothing to others, they are indifferent to us - and here we have a fairly clear example of secret love, understanding and living in faith that one day you will be mine, there is a lot of hope ... Visiting a brothel and trying to influence a woman of light morals through the play of words (read: manipulations). A woman he always liked. (this is also the Christian reference point for the whore of Babylon - Venus / Inanna) Even in this religion there is a classic division into a pantheon of inferior gods. Christ's days were shortened when he accepted his slut bride. For which he got a solid whip for spreading hypocrisy, the guards laughed at him, spit at him and mockingly called him the jewish king - and now it makes sense to behave like this - he proclaimed his knowledge straight from the desert, and it turned out that he was in love with a whore. Pure absurdity.

Generally, love is a sign of fall and imminent death everywhere. Everyone exercises his system and power until he falls in love with a woman. It is because of this one factor that the process of collapse begins and leads to death.

The role of the united forces of life was to forget and erase this fact so that it would become universal and accepted everything that held you in this world, so that you would not be able to free yourself. Hence the year 0 of the ditch is dated as the beginning of a new era, the reverse of antiquity exactly 180 degrees. With the death of the jewish bastard whom the jews appointed as the messiah. Jewish paths are as ridiculous as their whole wall of weeping and wearing sidelocks. Thanks to the human immortal traveling thread which is reincarnation (the buddha as enki-enki is any god, messiah or guru on earth, even including satan's spirit) you are imprisoned on earth. It is the original sin from the creator of the human race (from enki), because he was the first to not obey his father Anu, so he sinned through disobedience, but the stimulus (the main reason) was his love / family for an earthly woman, whom he decided to honor above his father. Hence the original sin and the death that follows it (Rom 5:15). Each time you are born your memory is erased. Each time you are guilty of the sin of your creator / father. Each time you pass on the same sin by falling in love for your beloved (chosen one on earth). From father to son etc.

The "devil" tarot card depicts a Saturn (Capricorn) who has two naked people tied to a weak chain under his feet. Love that binds you in this world and does not allow you to break free from the fetters of death. The status of true power is presenting it in 3 presents (good, bad, universal). To free yourself from death and fall, you must recover it. But how hard it is for you to reveal something that hurts your consciousness and even irrationally presents the "truth" that you know, that has been presented to you and in which you have been raised, and that surrounds you.

Therefore the old witchcraft practices talk about rituals where people are killed - not without reason, because everyone who reads these scrolls or translates them now sees bestial murder. But that's not the point. The same books also speak of parables where great kings had to kill their families (wives and children) to enter the path of Lords. Human sacrifice is required in order to reject this world and cause its fall (like the final test - a test which Abraham failed and therefore was still subject to Saturn). Which was great proof that the fall process could be reversed - but too high a price. On the other hand, those who remain alone (not fallen into love) and do not start families, do not have to pay any price (kill) but must be in spirit with higher beings, that is, must practice the spirit of earthly life - keeping connection. All haunted in a ghost / demon are left alone in conjunction with the so-called "god" - "ghost" - "demon" - "angel" etc. black magic, sorcery magic is the path of gods / demons. Hence is and comes the contempt for man and the suppression of this race. You either worship the gods or become one of them. Either you fall in love by a woman / man or you have a chance to become one of the higher ones. All life is your choice, but only once in your life do you face the fact of calling a higher one and feel the call of "heaven" to which you answer or not. Free choice and free will. You cannot regret life or lose yourself in its diversity, which serves to distract from your spiritual path (whoever is wiser can set himself spiritualism in the vein of life and will not have to deny himself anything - except fall into love). The sorcery books also mention that the cult of the lesser gods (sun, mercury, venus, earth, moon, mars, jupiter, saturn) is a way of division and disintegration. Does not Jesus say to his disciples "share and love one another"? The division you create is also a form of begetting children, love is a universal love for the chosen one. The act of marriage is called the ritual of death in sorcery. For additional information, I will present the so-called "gods" (mainly energies, as unleashing form releases a pure source of energy) is the Mirat-Fortin pantheon but also all the constellations known from the point of view of the earth and beyond. Full of higher powers is a whole universe to which everyone has access, but does not know how to use it. Higher beings do not answer to the fallen. You can also pray, do rituals and all for nothing. If you are ruled by the worship of lower gods, you cannot rise higher (i.e. you do not have access). The lower gods obey the higher gods, this is the so-called hierarchy of power.

Saturn's dethronement is a path of higher chaos magic, and it works. First you have to throw away the light (the ladder of light - the ladder of heaven) and open yourself to the ruthless abyss of Apsu (Narr Mattaru or Void). Why so? Jews are the chosen people of Enki Neptune / Saturn. The Sumerians were not Jews, the Akkadians killed the Sumerians and took over their original system of life where they expanded it and spread it all over the world. It was they who crowned the sun as the supreme god (3rd Babylonian Period to the present day). The Sumerians had a lunar system (moon's crowning - 1st Babylonian period). The second period of Babylon is a clash of two lunar and solar systems. The jews have misled the nations of the worlds since that very period. They are the deceivers of nations - no one else. Saturn's power reaches 6 - a human number, but includes the divine number 7 (Saturn has no power above 7). Anyone who has not recovered from the fall in his lifetime and has not scored higher than 7 - is subject to Saturn. And the power of the jews ends when they cross these boundaries - rejecting the fall into love and the dethronement of the solar and lunar systems. Muslim also seems to have contact with the highest - and this is none other than Saturn but under a different name - because this god has it to himself that he likes to impersonate other gods. Muslims fall into love and still demand this love in and after death. 70 virgins after death. Their fall is greater than that of the Christians. The earth is a prison of souls and as I mentioned through reincarnation you are brought back. (do you see the light in the tunnel? hehe) Only the truest demonic powers and souls move in the abyss, if you have no will to resist the attraction of the light, its magnetic power (pleasure and warmth) do not even step on the paths of true black or you will end up like a crowley mad and fucked by life in the ass (literally) and reading his so-called "works" it is no wonder that he was punished for sticking your dick in someone else's business. In Saimon's book "Necronomicon" he was also active and you can see his philosophical manipulations. None of the dark ones will practice the Simon Necronomicon, which is literally a recipe of other rituals, broken exorcisms, unfinished texts and altered descriptions + additions from the creators themselves, who still claim that it is a recipe from the original scrolls to which they had access. Total nonsense. We also thank the circuses, clowns and thieves from the church of Satan and say NO! Their blackness does not represent the abyss of Apsu or Primary Chaos. They are only negative light (balanced factor) but still it is the same light. No wonder the jews are exterminated and have their holocaust since they are enemies of heaven!

An exorcism is an attempted violence over an awakened spirit. And now: you can be exorcised (if you panic when you wake up and the family calls for help from the church - these are the messengers of Saturn / Enki) but when you have a strong enough spirit, this process will fail, or when your body dies, it means that the spirit will not let you go. Submitting to an exorcism is the disappearance of spirit / demon activity, i.e. sleep again. Obviously, there are posessions as an act of demonic-powers attacking a chosen victim, but I am not writing about the fun and benefits of practicing the paths of the Lords.

By the way Anu, god the father of Anunaki has a good sense of humor, for his son Enki called himself - (god of water, river and sea) died by the flood on the order of Anu, and sent Enlil as a messenger. It reminds me of a rude joke "you wanted water, you have fucking water" hehe. Apparently he was not a water god since he could not control water / flood.

And finally, tell me how can you give someone respect, honor or adore his name, since he has fallen for a woman and for his children? It's so shallow and down to earth. Who wrote down all these myths, stories??? Everything came from the hand of man and who trusts man? The man in his life is guided by fear and weakness or are these qualities to be trustworthy? What profane and manipulator wrote the words that ancient evil was defeated by allah? (dr. dee and his necronomicon book of the Watcher) allah has not defeated anything, everything is alive and exists, and who knows the methods of summoning knows - if the abyss at all answers him.

If your lousy "ego" tells you that you are big, powerful, evil, demonic and fuck knows who you think you are inside, and defacto you are overcome by the usual charm / love spell? Later, such a cunt will come to you and will ask / accuse you with grudges "who do you think you are?" , it's so human and fleeting to be completely blind to the end and to make a claim for something without any grounds or rights. But the question should be asked on our part of the vice-versa "who do you think you are, expect something from us, and gave you a ass at the most important moment, and you still have the courage to compare to us?" I tell you get the fuck out! You will not bite US on the heels any more, and under Our hooves we have the moon and the sun, I tell you here and now know your place dog, because the place of the dog is in the kennel!

- It's like you can have respect for someone nowadays who promised to be an artist or "someone outstanding - talented" and fell into love and lost his so-called "career" path for a cunt or a dick. (a down-to-earth comparison)