HARRIDAN - "Return God of the Dark"

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Harridan it is and represent Powers of MIRAT FORTIN and it is not a satanic. Has been attached to AZATHOTH, who is the Sultan of all Demons. Tiamat is only for us as altar, symbol of death which is grave. Tiamat has been called Chaos after declaration of War to her sons, after Apsu - her lover been killed - but not before. That is why the DEAD are summoned by constellation of Hydra where is enter to the Netherworld. Night is our time. Only Primary Chaos!

This means that I am not and I don't identify myself with: politics, illuminatti, nationalism (I professed belonging to countries or human race), nazism, communism,  ideologies of life and people, jews, catholics and christians, muslims, buddhists, gays and other sexual freaks (formless means no sexuality also - after your death you becoming in spiritual form not a physical, but you can use SHUB-NIGGURATH for satisfaction during live time on the earth but is not essential), race 666 (fallen in love and those who denied higher Demonic origin for the sake of an animal - human number is 6 but Chaos number is 8 (leaving this under personal interpretation eg. 8 point star of ISHTAR/INANNA (Goddess of War and Love) or sign AN and DINGIR - going long away from Chaos itself), 9 or 11 - since I know the mark of Ancient Beast, the mark of the West sunset is not 666), I do not worship light, I do not create life (i.e. I did not soul split - have children), I do not accept marriage acts (the ritual of the death of your soul / demon), your weak idols and gods (read all these names that arose after the Babylonian period), solar system, I do not save lives and I do not obey your laws and rules (you will be ignored) and lovecraftian bullshit. I am not your leader and I am not your warrior. And the most of all I am not your lucifer and your saviour. Fuck off!

The Master of the Ancients is a formless being called Azathoth. We stay with Him in black caves/chambers in the middle of all infinity, where he reigns eternally in Endless Chaos among the crazy rhythms of the drums, voiceless screeches of disgusting flutes and incessant blind screams govern destructive Gods, who always perform the gestures and rituals of Total Doom.

Azathoth. Primordial Chaos inhabiting the center of infinity; shapeless and unknowable. He is the Prime Officer in the real Darkness; Confusion; The One who strikes down with thought and form; The antithesis of creation; a Sultan of Demons, whose no human mouth would dare to utter the name; ultimately the negative aspect of Fire. It is the whole pitch Black of the Universe.

Harridan supports the Death Kults. The numbers of Death are: 4, 7, 13, 19, 49 NINURTA/NINIB/ADAR.


I was born at night in November 1981 and since I remember all my childhood was addicted to paranormal activities and heavy music. So my natural way of progress was-is-and will be unity and combination both. My Ascendant is directly to Azathoth - and Ascendant means from where your spirit originally come from. Everyone who open personal Caput and Cauda Draconis (south-north nodes) know, that all lost memories are giving back to you. And is no questions ask. To rise proper Ancient Beast you must reduce astrology houses from 12 to 11 and unite Libra with a Scorpio constellations. 12 house exist only for children of the light - sons of Marduk because that was He who created it. Dethroned sun and moon - no solar and lunar system. Nyarlathotep is the way. Let the CTHULHU rise by DAGON!

Graveyard, Night from 31.10-01.11.1997 Poland

..Shamad acted for the higher purpose of Harridan.

..Chaos and Glory for Darkness, Dark, Magic, Occultism and Death.

..In december 1997 the first hymn was created, Deamonomania, and after that, between january/february 1998 Winter Sabbath.

..Vitia (rip) initially played drums on Deamonomania.

..All music with lyrics and visions was forced into the real world.

..Rituals, masses, curses!

..From out of journeys to cemeteries Shamad created the next dark hymns and lyrics.

..In march 1999 Fatum joined Harridan as drummer and improved on the previously simple drums.

..In the same way he was initiated into some arcane rites of Harridan.

..On 11.11.1999 the first reh.tape, "The years Of Silence" was recorded.

..Two hymns, Deamonomania and Winter Sabbath, and four from material for the first album were recorded.

..Throughout the remaining period Harridan wanted new people but could not find appropriate creatures.

..In the same way Harridan did not unfold like "other" bands.

..The next reh.tape was recorded on 21.11.2001: "Dramatic Ritual".

..There were 11 hymns which were a mixture of materials from Harridan's three previous albums.

..In 2002 LordX joined Harridan as vocalist, however after a few rehearsals he landed himself in hospital and to this day can no longer sing.

..This was a stormy season for Harridan, not only were there personal problems but other as life troubles as well: no money, no instruments, no space for rehearsals, hassle from police, courts, and other people.

..Harridan was back to the cemeteries and became like a wild whisper, legend or just like dark shadow with no chance of exist.

..From 2003 Onwards, Harridan played only two rehearsal and recorded them to tape: the first one was recorded in february 2004 and called "Demon Est Deus Inversus".

..The second one "Cemetery", from march 2005, and included a few songs from Shantak a new black/thrash project (Shamad/Fatum).

..Between 1997 and 2005, lots of people were auditioned.

..With Harridan, time turned out to be the best test of people.

..Without climate, belief, spirit, wisdom, power and special spirituals way, nobody could create Harridan.

..In June 2005, Shamad moves to Enlgland. One year later Fatum also comes.

..In october 2007 Shamad recorded the single "No More Lies" and in november the same year, the demo "Return God Of The Dark" as a project.

..This demo was a split of two demos: two hymns "Deamonomania" and "Winter Sabbath" were called "Return God Of The Dark", and a second one, "Harridan" with two hymns "Destroy Fuckin Tiamat" and "Harridan".

..In february 2009 Fatum recorded drums and after that in 3 fullmoon nights Shamad created the ritual "Magus Mortis - ritual".

..On 04.2009 the first album "Magus Mortis" was finished.

..The next reh.cd was recorded after the sunset on 06.2009: "Erga Mortis Gloriam".

..There were 7 hymns which were come from material of second album.

..Fatum leaved the band. The reason is chose a different way (no practice rituals, no Harridan).

..Black Masses, pacts, curses!

..Live started fight ones again, rituals into the darkness saved Harridan inside Ancient Abyss by Demons.

..On 04.10.2010 Shamad has been stopped by police and extradited to Poland where he landed himself in prison. The time was stopped.

..Rituals, Demons, Disasters!

..The Equinox 03.2015 is no more to say it. "Return God of the Dark" full project has been finished. Incantations, inverted exorcisms, prayers during special time like new moons, winter solstice and times for the Evil Spirits. The Ancient path returned. Life with the powers of light is finally defeated. The power of the false pentagram has been Off path and stopped. Illusion of light magic was destroyed by the real evil powers and trapped forever in the abyss of Azathoth. Yoggoth is showing the way, Crawling Chaos going to finish earth fate.

..In December 2020 Harridan start recording material at Silence Grave Studio. The accumulated material including 1997-2004 years. One EP "Return God of the Dark", and three full albums: mentioned above 1st "Magus Mortis", 2nd "HUL", 3rd "Nekroticizm".

..Harridan play only from the dead and beings of spirit dimensions Mirat Fortin.

..Harridan don't play for life, light or love.

..This is a Cult Of the Dark! This is a Cult of Death! This is a Cult of Ancient Ones!


We don't afraid the light because during our actions We creating the light like side effect. Also you can compare that to how works light with the dark matter or dark energy.

Remember Blackness always dominates.